The difference between them and you, is becoming professionally managed.

Influencers are the new celebrities

Since 2015, we have connected affluent brands with local and global influencers. We connect influencers to high end, private brands.  We then create press on this successful partnership between the influencer and the brand which will build a momentum that will keep you in the spotlight.

From there, its history. As the GIA will be documenting these very moments for you with press releases, editorials and press to bring you directly to the top. We are a private 'members only' agency that hand selects our influencers and brands. We do not allow just any application to just enter our Manhattan doors.

All of our influencers & brands pay a fee to be involved in the agency, showing brands & influencers that we are all invested in bringing the most professional exposure to the campaign.

100 million followers between 32,000 influencers represented as of 2021.

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Over 90 Collab Request for new member Michelle

Not only do we send you FREE designer gifts but we also bring you new collaborations. From paid to gifted collaborations, get ready to have your inbox full of new emails from brands that want YOU to represent them. Join our agency today to begin growing your followers, receiving gifts and landing collaborations.

Our Offices:

GIA Headquarters

New York, NY 10005

Paris | London | Milano | LA

If you are a brand looking for representation, a model or influencer, please email us. 

GIA - Only working with the most affluent brands globally

Do you have a brand that you are looking to put in front of over 200 million users worldwide? The Global Influencer Agency has the largest team of influencers than any other agency globally. With over 15,000 influencers managed and a data base of over 500,000 woman and men 18-55 years old, we can get your product in front of millions of customers in just one click, within seconds. Our age demographics range from 18 years old to 55 years old with areas of focus in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. If you have a product or brand for millennials or generation x, contact us today to see how we can grow your online sales.

Apply to be represented as a brand or click here to view a short list of brands we work with.


 "The company I have always looked for. I have been connected to high end brands within weeks of joining, plus FREE gifts from Runway brands. Finally, a way to get connected with high end brands!"

Morgan 5 star review left September 2019

The ARMANI Fashion Event was one I will never forget! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to connect to affluent brands and meet hundreds of new influencers!

Amber, 5 Star Event left in September 2019

I was sent a welcome email within minutes of checking out and was able to find out how to approach hotels to get FREE stays! Not only can you grow your followers with the agency but you get tutorials on how to grow!

Lisa from Germany 2020

Events, Results & Real Growth

The Global Influencer Agency works with both brands and influencers. Not only do we help both brands and influencers grow,  we also host events worldwide. From our New York City Fashion Week Opening Night Party every year to our private red carpet event with Mercedes Benz & Make A Wish - The Global Influencer Agency works to bring you directly to the top. Become a member today.

New Member Review - 5K Follower Growth in 2 months

Are you looking for the real deal when finding a management company? We provide you resources, contacts to high end designers like Gucci & Chanel, luxurious hotels like the Four Seasons Hotels & more to GROW. We also grant you access to our online community which host our 30k members where you can introduce yourself and your social media platforms to gain new followers.

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