Top Agency Picks - @BritOliviaPR Book & Printable Guide, Designer Email List & More

Top Agency Picks - @BritOliviaPR Book & Printable Guide, Designer Email List & More

Are you ready to get started as an influencer and need direction? Well, we are here to tell you our top 3 agency picks from our product collection to get you started as an Influencer. Not only have these products helped thousands of men & women land paid collaborations, they have also opened the door to business ventures, growth of followers, fashion week tickets, travel & more.

Pick 1: @BritOliviaPR BEST SELLER 'How to become an influencer' BOOK with FREE Checklist - This 59 page book and free checklist is filled with all the information you need to not only learn the influencer industry, but make money online selling your very own products. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to change your career path with this best seller book.

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Pick 2: HOW TO GROW YOUR FOLLOWERS Printable Guide & Book - This book is FILLED with all the knowledge you need to grow your followers and turn your Instagram into a working 6 figure business in less than 60 days! Brit Olivia is known for doing this 7 times since 2015 and she is sharing the exact steps she took to make multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses, plus how she grew her page to 85,000 followers and her business page into 250,000 followers!

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Pick 3: Our most popular product is our DESIGNER EMAIL LIST! These list are sorted by the shows - which include New York Fashion Week, Paris and Milano. Our Paris list includes designers like Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and 100 other designers.

Milano list includes designers like Gucci, Armani and Fendi plus 100 other designers.

New York City list includes designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and 50 other designers.

So what can you do with these list? We are providing you the contact information for each of these A-List fashion labels. From their marketing managers name, to their direct email address, phone number and address. You would simply email the designers and ask for collaborations, runway show tickets, meetings and show them your Instagram page and / or blog. Get introduced to these top fashion labels by purchasing these ultra exclusive list.

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➡️ ITALIAN This is a best seller!


These list also include the major agencies for these shows. So not only could you email the designers, but you may also email the agencies that put on runway shows for these designers.


Pick 4: Our agency will write a template for you to send to designers, brands and hotels for collaborations - Are you not sure what to say to brands to land a collaboration? Well let our agency write the email template for you. All you have to do is COPY & PASTE what we send to you and send it to the brands that you see on our list (NYC, Italian or Paris/French designers like Gucci & Chanel) or send it to brands of your interest to land a collaboration.

➡️ To get your very own custom template and have an advisor contact you to learn about you to write your template for you, click here. 



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