About Us

We are a dedicated group of professionals, bringing only the top tier brands and influencers together. The GIA will take you directly to the top.

Since 2015, we have connected affluent brands with local and global influencers. We connect influencers to high end, private brands.  We then create press on this successful partnership between the influencer and the brand which will build a momentum that will keep you in the spotlight. We create visions. We make dreams. We enlighten the community. We brew relationships. We bring brands to life. From there, its history. As the GIA will be documenting these very moments for you with press releases, editorials and press to bring you directly to the top. We are a private 'members only' agency that hand selects our influencers and brands. We do not allow just any application to just enter our Manhattan doors.

We hand select our influencers, where they pay a fee to enter our agency, ensuring they are the not just invested within their career, but that they are the top and most professional influencers in the industry. We then pair them with the top brands that the agency has vetted within the USA, European and Asian markets. These brands that wish to remain private include high end auto brands, couture fashions, retail, beauty, travel, resorts & hotels, fitness and beauty products.

100 million followers between 33,000 influencers represented.