Memberships are available through an approval process.

All applicants are reviewed to ensure the high end brands we would introduce you to are satisfied.

We offer memberships for the following:

  • Up & Coming Bloggers - To help you become famous, a model, fashionista, blogger, celebrity, makeup artist, chef, YouTube star, etc.
  • Celebrity Program - For those that have been cast in a TV or Movie
  • Tickets to Fashion Week - SHOW ACCESS - Major cities included - Paris, NYC, London, Milano, Toronto, LA, Sydney, Hong Kong, Berlin, Barcelona & more
  • Media Kit Program - Media Kit included
  • Magazine Spread - A 2 page magazine spread w/ photo shoot is included
  • Features Program - Get featured on multiple pages totaling over 1 million followers


TO APPLY FOR A MEMBERSHIP, please email or fill out the form below. Programs begin at $149 USD.